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Labiaplasty is performed to correct overly large vaginal lips which may be visible in tight clothing and/or affect a patient’s sex life. The procedure creates a more proportional result.

How Labiaplasty is Performed

The surgery consists of reducing the size of the vaginal lips by removing excess skin. Sometimes, a fuller look to the surrounding region is desired and fat is injected from other parts of the body. Generally, labiaplasty is a quick procedure that can be performed in one day. The resulting scar line is very discreet and disappears over time. It is also worth mentioning that labiaplasty only addresses the outside of a vagina. Any internal reconstruction must be done by a gynecologist.

Additional Procedures

Sometimes labiaplasty is performed with other body-enhancing procedures like breast augmentation with silicone implants and/or a nose job (rhinoplasty). This option is highly recommended to patients who are considering additional procedures and want to save time and money. Many patients use other procedures as a way to get more time off work for the necessary recovery period, since some may find it uncomfortable to mention getting labiaplasty. Dr. Alexandre Charão and his team treat any procedure with the highest level of care and confidence.

Restrictions & Postoperative Care

Women of all ages, including minors with parental consent, can receive labiaplasty. There are many reasons why a patient might seek this procedure, including age, childbirth, weight changes, and genetic problems. Anyone with an enlarged labia is an ideal candidate. With any procedure, medical exams and tests must be submitted before receiving labiaplasty. After undergoing surgery, patients should avoid sexual intercourse for at least 20 days, although 30 days is ideal.

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