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The Labiaplasty Miami surgery, also known as the labia reduction, or labioplasty, is a surgical procedure that aims to reduce the size and improve the appearance of the labia minora (vaginal folds) to achieve symmetry and it can be performed in conjunction with other procedures in a vaginal rejuvenation or not.

Changes in the laxity and stretching of the vaginal wall and the labia minora, along with sagging of the mons pubis and labia majora are all possible with age.

The female labia is defined by the outer and inner labia, also known as the majora and minora. The labia majora is the fleshy and full tissue that surrounds the minora, usually covered in hair. The labia minora is the smooth and thin tissue that surrounds the vagina.

Elongated labia minora can impact an individual negatively in intimate situations and exercise, sometimes cause pain or embarrassment. This can also limit a woman’s ability to wear leggings and certain bathing suits, causing a bulge. The labiaplasty is a great surgical procedure that can restore and correct the appearance of the labia to a more comfortable and youthful one.


Restoring and correcting the labia has many benefits for a woman. The labiaplasty procedure restores the youthful appearance of the genitalia, improves comfort during intimate situations and exercise, improved ability to wear bathing suits and tight clothing, and most importantly, increased self-confidence.

This procedure has two major benefits. It increases hygiene, and symmetry; and it may also boost self-confidence in some patients. This procedure decreases irritation of the labia area caused by tight clothing. It can also remove some of the physical discomfort caused by some activities, during certain exercises, or during intercourse. In addition, many female patients report reaching orgasms faster after this surgery has been performed on them.

This procedure aims to eliminate:

  • Vaginal Tugging
  • Vaginal Pulling
  • Discomfort
  • Irritation
  • Vaginal Bulging
  • Labia Minora Asymmetry
  • Embarrassment from Vaginal Appearance

Labiaplasty usually lasts for a lifetime. Childbirth does not undo the surgery. As a matter of fact, labiaplasty tends to make it easier to give birth.


Females who are experiencing pain from their elongated labia minora are an ideal candidate for this procedure. This usually occurs in the form of tugging or pulling of the labia when women are having intimate relations, exercising, or wearing tight fitting clothes.

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