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Within the first year of your LAP-BAND surgery, band fills and evaluations are integral to your weight loss success. Each body and appetite is different and you may find yourself returning every 2-4 weeks to have your band filled so that your band can properly help you feel full quickly.

The Fluoroscopy Difference
Dr. Garcia uses fluoroscopy for all of our LAP-BAND fill procedures. Fluoroscopy is a type of x-ray that allows us to easily see your port within 5-7 seconds. From there, we can see directly on screen where we need to stick the needle – no need to worry about second, third or fourth tries. Trust us, once you’ve had your band filled with fluoroscopy, you’ll never want to have it filled any other way.

Take Part in Your LAP-BAND Journey
Fluoroscopy doesn’t just allow us to see your band, you can see it as well! At BMI of Texas, we want our patients to take an active part in your band fill and your entire LAP-BAND journey. We’re here to help you maximize your weight loss efficiency and meet your goals by adjusting your band to the specifics of your needs and body each and every time.

See Your LAP-BAND in Action
During your band fill procedure, your band is visible right on the screen! Often, our patients ask for an ‘upper GI’ picture so they can see just how tight their band is. This is a huge in helping you visualize just how much you should be eating so that you can better work with your band to achieve the best results.

Build Better Behaviors
Beyond being able to see your band, fluoroscopy also allows you to match how your band feels to that image and what you’re eating. This could uncover and demonstrate eating habits or behavior patterns that are harming your weight loss efficiency. Dieticians or a metabolic team will be critical to help you prevent or overturn these habits.

Whether your lap band surgery was with us or someone else,our vlinic welcomes all lap band patients! We will work to utilize your insurance for your band fills. Contact us today to learn more about band fills, LAP-BAND surgery and more!

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