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Medical Laser Hair Removal is a method that has experienced a breakthrough in the last decade. Thanks to the incorporation of technological improvements in cooling systems (Nd-Yag Laser), it is now when we can speak of the effective and safe laser.

The Laser acts using the melanin that contains the hair that is what gives the color. When the light beam, with a wavelength of 1064nm (Nd-Yag Laser) interacts with the hair, the applied light energy is absorbed by the melanin transforming into heat. This is what is known as selective photothermolysis, producing the controlled destruction of the hair bulb without affecting the adjacent tissues. Before emitting the light beam, a cryogen gas is released to cool and protect the skin while decreasing the sensitivity in the area. By acting on dark areas by melanin, it is not effective for white, reddish or blond hair.

At the beginning a free Laser Medical Control is performed, where the patient is valued, the treatment is personalized, planning the sequence of sessions and indicating the recommendations to follow for the success of the same.

The Laser Medical Control continues until the results are achieved, being monitored at all times by all the medical and sanitary equipment

In order to achieve maximum effectiveness with the Nd-Yag Laser, a series of characteristics are required for the preparation of the hair in the area to be treated.
It is advisable not to ablution (plucking) the hair from the area to be treated. If necessary, it is recommended with razor blade or depilatory cream and 3 days prior to the session.

The average number of sessions for treatment success is always orientative. It will depend on the color of the hair and the skin, the area to treat, the sex, the age of the patient and hormonal status, determinants for the success of the treatment. In middle-aged women, optimal results are obtained between 6-8 sessions in middle-aged men between 10-12 sessions in body areas.

In each session the entire area is treated, the duration of treatment depends on the area to be treated and can be from 5 minutes on an upper lip to 45 minutes on complete legs or back.

The Nd-Yag Laser is indicated in all persons with phototypes I to IV

For the success of the treatment, it is necessary to strictly respect the dates of the sessions scheduled by the specialized staff that are:

Body area treatments: every 5 to 6 weeks, up to a maximum of 8 weeks.
Facial area treatments: every 3 to 4 weeks up to a maximum of 6 weeks.
If this time is not respected, the effectiveness of the treatment decreases, which translates into the need for more sessions.

Pregnant and lactating.
Active herpes simplex, dermatitis or skin infection in the area to be treated.
Treatment with photosensitive and retinoic acid based drugs.
Recent solar or UVA exposure in the area to be treated.

After receiving treatment, the following recommendations should be followed for best results:
Apply moisturizing cream based on Aloe Vera.
Do not expose to the sun, or to UV rays, 15 days before or after depilation.
Use sunscreen of factor 50 minimum every hour if the treated area is exposed.

– Fingers.
-It would.
-Superior lip.
-Libia Alba.

-Groin Brasileñas.
-Base Beard.

-Middle legs.

– Full legs.
-Full Chest.

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