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Lipo-Abdominoplasty, also known as a "Marraige" Adominoplasty is a combination of a traditional tummy tuck which includes tightening of the lose six-pack muscles and removal of loose hanging skin of the tummy and liposuction. The two procedures are combined to enhance the results that you get from this body contouring procedure.

The Lipo-abdominoplasty procedure is a very effective body contouring procedure!  It combines the benefits of a tummy tuck which includes tightening of the loose six pack muscles, removal of excess skin of the abdomen, removal of any stretch marks below the belly button and removal of excess fat below the skin. 

 A tummy tuck is very effective at making the abdomen flatter and smoother,  but it is not as effective at defining the waist line if there is excessive fat in that area.  Most patients who desire a tummy tuck also want to enhance their waist definition.  They want to get their hour glass figure back.  A Lipo-abdominoplasty can do it!  By removing the excess fat of the upper abdomen, waist, back and bra rolls with liposuction then tightening the muscles and removing the excess skin, the entire torso can be contoured efficiently and effectively.  
This results in a very dramatic improvement in body contour.

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