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Consider a Natural Filler for Flawless Results
LipoStructure® Mexico

Fat transfer is a revolutionary technique that removes fat cells from one area of the body and uses the fat as filler, injecting it into another part of the body to replace atrophied tissue or enhance a feature. LipoStructure® is a safe and effective technique used at the Cancun, Mexico practice of Perfection Makeover and Laser Center to transfer fat and provide needed volume. Patients who have lost volume in their face or body because of the natural aging process or a traumatic event like a car accident will benefit from this technique. To learn more about LipoStructure®, please contact our surgical team; we would be happy to schedule a consultation with you at our facilities.

About LipoStructure®

LipoStructure® is recommended for individuals who have depressed areas, often due to trauma or aging, that they would like to revitalize. It flawlessly enhances features such as the lips, eyes, or cheeks. Because LipoStructure® uses natural fat that is carefully extricated from the body and purified, the procedure has a long-term survival rate. It can be used to:

  • fill or smooth wrinkles

  • restore fullness to a gaunt face

  • improve the contours of the cheeks

  • fill in a depression or indentation on the body resulting from an injury

  • correct irregularities caused by scars

The LipoStructure® Procedure

During the first phase of the LipoStructure® procedure, our plastic surgeons gently harvest fat from a donor site on the patient’s body, using special instruments designed to remove the fat without damaging the cells. The abdomen or buttocks are typical donor sites. Our surgical team is very creative in finding places from which to harvest fat; if a particular patient does not have a lot of body fat to donate, our surgeons may consider the inner thigh, the mons pubis, or areas of the buttocks.

The fat is refined, concentrated, and layered into strands. The strands are then injected into the recipient site. Common recipient sites include the face, lips, buttocks, or areas of the body which have a “dent” in them due to trauma or aging.

The reason fat transfer procedures are so advantageous is because the fat has a long-term survival rate. When fat is removed from the donor site, it’s isolated from the surrounding muscle, skin, bone, cartilage, and connective tissue. When it is placed, it assumes the texture of the surrounding tissue, incorporating nicely into the donor site. In most cases, the donor fat does not feel like fat, but rather simple tissue.

Benefits of LipoStructure®

Some of the most notable benefits of undergoing LipoStructure® include:

  • No possibility of allergic reaction or rejection

  • Fat incorporates nicely with the surrounding tissue, and is nearly undetectable

  • Fills in “fat fractures” or indentations due to trauma

  • Adds volume to lips

  • Smoothes the contours of scars

  • Softens facial lines associated with aging

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