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t is one of the most common body contouring surgeries, liposuction involves the removal of fat cells through a suction tube called a cannula. A liposuction allows the surgeon to sculpt specific areas of the body through small incisions where the fat cells of the area are permanently eliminated.

This surgical procedure is used in different aesthetic surgeries such as abdominoplasty, this intervention varies in each patient according to the requirements and needs of each one.

Procedure of a liposuction

After having clear what liposuction means, it seems a very simple procedure but the reality is that it is as complex as any other cosmetic surgery because each patient demands a different attention even if different techniques are applied. A liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that only needs small incisions in different parts of the body, they are necessary for the insertion of the cannula that will permanently eliminate the fat cells. It is important that the patient knows that a significant amount of blood is eliminated along with other liquids and fat, which is why during and after the intervention they receive replacement fluids intravenously.

Recovery and results of a liposuction

The recovery time of a liposuction varies in each patient, however, most manifest being able to return to normal after two weeks although the optimal results of this cosmetic surgery are evident in the months after the intervention. It is possible that in the first days there is pain, inflammation and drainage of fluid through the incisions which is totally normal, these side effects will decrease over the course of the days next to the healing. During the first months, some inflamed areas will continue but the final results of the cosmetic surgery will begin to be seen. Many patients mistakenly believe that undergoing liposuction they should not exercise or maintain a healthy diet; The reality is that you also need to do a physical activity three to five times a week for at least 30 minutes and take a balanced diet to avoid weight gain.

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