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There's more than one reason liposuction is the most popular cosmetic procedure across the country and right here in New York. Liposuction is versatile, for one thing. It can be performed as a stand-alone procedure, or it can put the finishing touches on just about any cosmetic surgery you can think of for the face, breast and body.

Our Liposuction Philosophy
Since its introduction in the U.S. three decades ago, liposuction has become increasingly refined and body contouring has become safer and more effective in the hands of experienced, board certified plastic surgeons. Many trendy methods for zapping fat have also appeared on the scene, but few, if any, come close to delivering the results liposuction can achieve. Over the years, Dr. Jacobs has incorporated the best new techniques in traditional liposuction and added some of his own-leaving the array of liposuction "alternatives" to other doctors.

Dr. Jacobs works with almost equal numbers of men and women and he understands their varying needs. Men are often interested in body contouring around the torso, or in conjunction with male breast reduction, and Dr. Jacobs is adept at handling the dense fatty tissue men tend to have. Women often want liposuction of the hips and thighs, or as an integral part of a mommy makeover, and Dr. Jacobs is skilled at creating smooth, natural curves.

With so much experience to his credit, Dr. Jacobs has performed body contouring surgery for thousands of patients in New York. Liposuction and revision liposuction at our practice are gentle, safe procedures and patients are pleased with their results.

Liposuction Overview
To perform liposuction, Dr. Jacobs will make tiny incisions, carefully placing them where faint scars will not be noticeable. He'll inject fluid into the target areas – a sterile saline solution containing anesthetic and medication to reduce bleeding. The slender tubes called "cannulas" he uses gently push blood vessels and nerves aside while dislodging fat, causing minimal internal trauma. He suctions fat away, leaving a honeycomb of natural tissues behind.

After Dr. Jacobs closes the small incisions with dissolving sutures, he'll place you in a snug, post surgical garment. The purpose is to compress the honeycomb of tissues to minimize fluid buildup and aid the skin in tightening. You'll wear the garment for about a month, removing it to bathe.

For most patients, we perform surgery in our accredited surgical suite under twilight sedation, a relaxed sleep that usually leaves no after effects. You'll be in the care of an M.D. anesthesiologist and a very experienced surgical team the entire time.

During liposuction recovery, you will experience some swelling, bruising and numbness. These will gradually disappear over several days to a few weeks. Pain medication will be prescribed for you in case you want it for the first few days of soreness. You'll be comfortable performing light activities within days, and you should be able to return to office work in a week or even less. Dr. Jacobs will help you set the pace for returning to more strenuous activities and workouts over a few weeks' time.

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