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Liposculpture in Santo Domingo is the esthetic surgical procedure which is most performed. Why liposuction is the most common surgery is mainly due to the big technological advances and the development of top-level personnel.

With nearly five decades of the first technique of liposuction able to achieve substantial and satisfactory results being developed, the lipoplasty as it is also called, has managed to be refined to be the first procedure in order of frequency worldwide.

An interesting fact is that liposuction is often performed in conjunction with other procedures such as breast augmentation with implants, or buttock augmentation (lipoinyección). Even with ambdominoplastia or nose surgery.

Formerly in a liposculpture the possibility of bleeding was feared, but nowadays with the advances and current microcannulas our patients maintain adequate levels of hemoglobin following a liposculture. Although the possibility of bleeding exists, it is less likely. Logically it’s essential patient selection by a responsible plastic surgeon, so that preoperative globally accepted protocols to reduce risks and get satisfactory results are met.

Cosmetic surgery in Santo Domingo offers the security required for such an important decision, the esthetically enhancement of our body; which undoubtedly produces great emotional benefits and in the self-esteem of each person.

Liposuction is often performed in patients with a normal weight and with overweight. For obese patients we prefer other methods and even recommendations of diets and exercises before the plastic surgery, or perhaps inter consulting a nutritionist to establish a new nutritional balance, not only for beauty but also for health.

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