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Sculpt your body by removing accumulated fat precisely where you do not want it, stylize your figure. The most sophisticated technology is put in your reach to achieve this. This is a procedure designed to sculpt your silhouette by removing fatty deposits that are usually found on the jowls, abdomen, back, hip, arms and thighs. It is based on the careful use of cannulas and a suction device that will remove excess fat that depending on each case can be assisted with laser or vaser devices.


This procedure should always be performed for safety in an operating room, with a very variable duration (from half to four hours), is performed under general or regional anesthesia and in very small and selected cases will be practiced with local anesthesia. Incisions smaller than one centimeter are made in strategic and hidden places to insert through them thin cannulas through which various suction devices, will allow the withdrawal of annoying fatty clusters. The use of devices assisted by laser or vaser will depend on the particular needs of each patient.


During the first few days there may be different types of discomfort that resolve quickly:
- Pain that gives up with the right analgesics
- Abdominal swelling
- Bruises
- Drainage of fluid through the incisions

You will notice results from the first day

Shape your body and enhance your appearance

A slender figure looks

State of the art technology

We have the best facilities

Certified Surgeon

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