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Male Breast Reduction

Service Description

To surgically restore a more masculine aspect.

Reduce the volume of your chest and obtain a masculine figure

This procedure consists in drying the extra mammary tissue by a partial removal of the mammary gland, and performing liposuction on the extra adipose tissue through cannulas(thin hollow tubes), to give a more aesthetic form to the chest.

 Procedural Information

Type of surgery:

Outpatient procedure.

 Length of procedure:

From two to three hours.


Local or general depending on the particular case.

 Time admitted:

Not required, but dependent on how the patient's treatment evolves.

Post-operative recovery:

With this type of surgery, patients my begin their normal daily activities within a few days. After the stitches have been removed, ten to twelve days later, the patient may begin exercise again.

 Final Results

Will be seen after one to one and a half months.


A small scar will be left in the areola near the nipples.

 Special Attention

A special compression garment is to be used and will be recommended by your plastic surgeon.

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