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Male Breast Reduction

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Few conditions are more challenging for men to bear than gynecomastia – literally, “woman-like breasts.” In our consultation room in New York, male breast reduction candidates tell us about enduring years of embarrassment, ridicule and curtailed activities. That’s why it’s unfortunate that so many men suffer with gynecomastia. It’s estimated that about a third of adult males have enlarged breasts, and the percentage is even higher for males who have experienced the condition at some point in their lifetime.

The basic cause of enlarged male breasts is hormonal imbalance, therefore, likely times for gynecomastia to occur is at birth, adolescence and middle age when hormone levels are out of whack. But there are other triggers and contributors as well, including certain prescription drugs, medical conditions and street drugs and alcohol.

If you have gynecomastia, today called “man boobs” and “moobs,” schedule a consultation with Dr. Elliot Jacobs. He’s one of the most experienced gynecomastia surgeons in New York and across the nation.

Our Male Breast Reduction Philosophy

As a young Manhattan plastic surgeon thirty years ago, Dr. Jacobs was dismayed by the limited options for men suffering from gynecomastia at the time, and by the all-too-often poor results for those who braved cosmetic surgery. From that point on, he dedicated a portion of his practice to working with men with enlarged breasts, and he designed his own instruments to help perfect the male breast reduction procedure. Today he has more than two thousand surgeries to his credit, performing male breast reduction for New York and New Jersey patients, and for men from other states and countries through his fly in for surgery program.

The goal Dr. Jacobs and his entire staff will have for you is a masculine, contoured chest that’s compatible with the rest of your torso with a minimum of scars. They also pledge that you’ll have a relaxed, rewarding experience from the moment you make contact with them through your final follow up appointment.

Gynecomastia Surgery Overview

Dr. Jacobs’ decades of working with gynecomastia patients have shown that most cases involve a combination of breast gland and fat. Breast gland growth typically starts under the nipple/areola complex and occasionally stops there. More often, it spreads out and intermingles with fatty tissue. Therefore, most patients require a combination of gland removal and fatty tissue removal – with scalpel and liposuction – for an effective, natural looking result.

Both art and science come into play with male breast reduction surgery. For each individual patient – heavyset men, adolescents whose physique hasn’t fully matured, bodybuilders and average guys – knowing how much tissue to remove and how much to leave in place is essential. In addition, the plastic surgeon must consider the entire torso and know when a little supporting liposuction is needed to shape nearby areas.

With these factors in mind, your surgical plan will be unique. But if you’re like most patients, your male breast reduction will take place in Dr. Jacobs’ fully accredited ambulatory surgical suite. An M.D. anesthesiologist will administer twilight sedation. Dr. Jacobs will make tiny incisions at the side of your chest and use his instruments to remove fat and breast tissue, re-contouring your chest and re-draping skin. If additional breast tissue under the areola must be addressed, Dr. Jacobs will make a small incision at the edge of the areola and remove just enough to give you a smooth, taut chest. Your scars will be virtually unnoticeable after healing.

You’ll return home with prescription pain medication and an antibiotic to guard against infection. After taking it easy for a few days, you can begin returning to light activities and non-strenuous work. You’ll wear a compression garment to help keep swelling down. You should be very pleased with your results after initial swelling and bruising subside, in just a few weeks, and delighted as your new contours emerge over the course of three to six months.

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