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The alignment of teeth is very important for various reasons. Most of the time we want a beautiful aligning only the previous dental pieces, which represent the front of our smile. However, this is not only here, alignment and leveling of teeth is important for a proper oral function and health in general.


Orthodontic treatments not only provide a beautiful smile, but it also redirects its bite. If you don't bite correctly, the teeth may suffer wear or fractures causing artifacts on the bone that supports them.
It is important to know that in many cases that cannot be solved with veneers (Veneers) or crowns, but taking the full decision to start a good orthodontic treatment.

Oral hygiene is also a factor to consider when there are teeth placed in the wrong position since being superimposed teeth about each other the food remains and bacterial plaque accumulate more easily.

Metal Brackets are the standard gold in orthodontictreatment, but these are not the only option. We also use the aesthetic brackets (ceramic, plastic, Sapphire, etc.) which are adapted to the color of your teeth. We can also provide you with invisible orthodontics in some cases, which consists of a series of plastic buckets to help the movement of their teeth. 

Each patient is unique and has its individual demands. Orthodontic treatments we offer start with the appreciation of your time and we make efforts to ensure that we make so early, thus providing a very exclusive service.


SAVE UP MONEY IN TREATMENT COSTS. Often,in order to get higher results at lower prices for complex rehabilitations, patients must travel to another country to find the same quality at lower prices. That is how dental tourism was born, helping patients and making their dreams come true.

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