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Not infrequently the size, shape or projection of the ears significantly affects the appearance of the face. The otoplasty is a procedure that allows by means of a fine carving of the structures of the auricular pavilion, to eliminate that aspect that so much mortifica. The ears or earplugs perform a function in hearing, within the facial harmony acquire relevance when they present some type of deformity ranging from complete absence, small malformations of their structure, or simply may appear too large or prominent.


The procedure will depend on the type of deformity that the patient presents. In cases of prominent ears (ears on the screen) the surgery requires incisions in the back of the ear, thus exposing the auricular cartilage for later modification with incisions and / or placement of sutures.
In cases of absence of ear or deformity of the ear from the birth (microtias), the reconstruction requires four surgical times that include in the first time the costal graft for the manufacture of a new ear, in three subsequent procedures the other details anatomical will be elaborated to obtain an ear of appearance near the normality.

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