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The otoplasty or ear correction surgery is used most frequently in the correction of ear deformity called prominent ear, which is characterized by remoteness ear relative to the head and the deletion of a structure in the ear called anti-helix. This deformity can cause mental and emotional disorders, especially in childhood. The surgery treats this problem by bringing harmony to the face and improving self-esteem of the patient.

From what age can the surgery be performed?
From 6 years of age, since at this age the growth of the ear is stable and significant changes will not happen and the child is already more exposed may suffer prejudice.

Where is it located otoplasty scar?
The scar is located behind the ear and is almost imperceptible.

What type of anesthesia?

Anesthesia to be performed can be local, local with sedation and general and should be consensus among the staff and the patient or guardian.

How long is the hospital stay?

Ranges from 6-12 hours, depending on the type of anesthesia performed.

How long does the surgery?

The mean duration of the procedure is 1-2 hours.

There is pain in the postoperative period?

Generally mild pain, which is rapidly relieved by common analgesics.

How is the healing?

Dressing is carried around the head with gauze and band being removed after 24 hours. Since then a range of protection (type tennis) will be used for 30 days in order to avoid local trauma, even while sleeping.

When are the stitches removed?

Around 10 days. 

How long does it reach the final result?

The final outcome of the procedure is obtained around 6 months postoperatively, but after recent surgery will already have a good estimate of the shape and location.

There is the risk of "back the problem of protruding" after surgery?

Rarely recurs, and it has been observed since the beginning much of the final result that is after 3 months, but the post-operative care are paramount. It is always good to remember that a slight asymmetry can be, because even people who have not operated and normal ears show no absolute symmetry.


- Communicate with us until the day before surgery in case of flu, infections, etc.; 
- To obey the established schedule for admission in 8 hours fasting including water; 
- Wash your hair the day before; 
- If you have long hair should not be cut. This helps to disguise the operated area in the early days.


- Avoid sun, cold and local trauma for a period of 30 days; 
- Attend to the clinic for postoperative control; 
- Obey the prescription;
- You can return to school activities, professional, 5 days after surgery; 
- Free Diet; 
- Remove the strip and the dressing after 24 hours of surgery and wash the area with soap and water. Drying and putting the belt protecting the scar with gauze or cotton; 
- Use the range for 30 days.

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