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Called otoplasty to surgery that is often used to correct the prominence or detachment of the ears, so these are placed in a more natural position and size relative to the head. Although the most common problem affecting the ears is sweeping or prominence, other types of deformities also can be corrected by surgery: you can reduce the size of the ears, you can change the shape and size of the lobes are can correct the ears in glass or satyr. Even, you can create a new ear when it does not exist or has disappeared as a result of accidents.


Provided the patient is unhappy with the shape, size or arrangement of their ears, and there is a real anomaly, this operation would be indicated. Because of the importance that these anomalies have on children, it is established that they can be operated from four to six years (from four to six years the development of the ears is almost complete) to avoid traumas. Only in newborns is possible to make an attempt ear correction without surgery.

An otoplasty is a safe and successful procedure highest percentages provided it is performed by surgeons who understand and master these techniques. However, like any surgery, otoplasty is not without potential complications, although rare, you. 

Should know. An infection or hematoma may require additional surgery. Although rare, the “memory” with which, naturally, any cartilage behaves, you can make separate ears again a few millimeters need a little retouching. Abnormal scarring in the skin and around the cartilage is extremely rare.


As important as the operation itself is the preoperative visit. If it comes to a child establish their needs, character and degree of motivation. If we earn their trust collaboration during treatment better. The operation is usually performed under local anesthesia and sedation (the patient is sleepy) and does not require hospitalization.

 Takes about an hour and a half depending on the present deformity and surgical technique used. The technique used is communicated to parents before the operation. Normally the operation is performed on both ears, but only one is truly affected as more symmetry and better result is achieved. Only in rare circumstances it operates only one ear. In one case prototype prominent ears is incised into the groove behind the left ear cartilage beneath the skin to shape it does not have is sculpted and, if necessary, some points are given to maintain Thus.

 The wound is closed leaving a scar right there in the crease behind the ear. In other to be hidden, this healing is usually good and unnoticed over the months. When it comes to downsize left ear incision in the crease of the helix. From here it is calculated and excess cartilage shaping the new top of the ear is removed.

After the operation the patient can leave the hospital if it is in good condition. For a few days it will take a bandage that provides protection and facilitates modeling ears. If the correction has been minimal, it may not take dressing. During the first two or three days there may be discomfort or pain, usually controllable with medication that is recommended. After the first week that are removable sutures were removed. 

Sometimes you must bring a tape player type for a variable time. Must be regarded as normal ears are swollen and slightly bruised. Provided that there will be any accidental bumps, the child may return to school after the first week. Any activity that can “bend” the ears should be avoided for a month or month and a half. Because of the “asymmetric” nature that has body, is both impossible and unnatural achieve perfect symmetry in the two ears. Think that the result sought by this operation is to look natural together, not a “mathematical” symmetry. If you understand this concept will know much better value and enjoy the final result.

 This booklet gives you the basic principles of this operation, as performed and what results you can get. It will not answer any queries that largely depend on their particular circumstances. Please contact us if you have questions or there.

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