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It is used to correct ears that are very long, prominent or with an inadequate shape. We use internal sutures to correct the unequal projection and bend the auricular cartilage, giving it an ear with a more natural appearance and profile.

To approximate the ears to the head, incision is placed behind the ear, so it goes unnoticed.

There are different techniques to perform otoplasty, some of which are based on the weakening of the ear cartilage, which allows modifying its shape, and others are based on the application of sutures to approximate the structures.

The objective of both techniques is to produce an anatomically proportional and natural ear, restoring and maintaining normal grooves and angles.

Ear lobe repair surgery

Corrects the lobes that have been pulled by very heavy earrings, or sectioned by trauma. These problems will not correct themselves without surgery. These procedures are relatively small, which does not make them less important than other surgeries, so we look for a natural and pleasant way for the patient on both sides.

Estimated surgery time: 1 to 2 hours.

Estimated recovery time: 5 days.

┬┐Have you ever thought about improving some facial imperfection thanks to an otoplasty?

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