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Dental implants are used to attach a fixed bridge to the jaw. These implant-retained bridges are a major improvement in fit and function over removable dentures. The biting force is 70% greater than those of dentures, too! Dental implants form the natural tooth root system needed to strengthen and improve the force of a bite. And that means dental implant patients are allowed a wider variety of foods to eat which, in turn, leads to healthy diets, confident smiles and overall improved quality of life. Imagine the food you can eat again!

The Advantage of Dental Implants

A dental implant-supported denture is far superior to bare gums or normal dentures:

  • Re-establishes lost lip support and therefore minimizes the appearance of wrinkles; no more marionette lines or witches chin
  • Preserves the remaining bone and maintains the integrity of the facial structure
  • Eliminates the need for dangerous adhesives
  • Eliminates the pain caused by ill-fitting dentures
  • Helps restore natural chewing capacity because of increased stability
  • Maintains mouth function, including the roof of the mouth, so foods can be fully tasted and enjoyed and you can feel hot and cold differences
  • Allows you to eat what you want, when you want, where you want


All Clinical and Medical taxes are included.
Local Anesthesia is included.

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