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Remove skin excess and return the body shape contouring aesthetically.

Leave behind the effects of losing weight with this surgery

There is a currently serious problem related to weight. Overweight is defined as the excessive accumulation of body fat that changes people’s figure and health. Nowadays, more than four million adults are obese and according to official data (WHO) by the end of 2015 there will be approximately 2.3 billion overweight adults.

 Post- bariatric surgery is the one responsible for eliminating sagging skin excess after having a weight-loss procedure; being abdomen, arms, thighs, trunk and face with surpluses, which certainly must be eliminated.

Procedure information

Surgery time:

Varies depending on the treated area.

 Type of surgery:

Short stay, depending on the procedure.




Two to three days in hospital to monitor patient’s recovery.

Patients who have had a massive weight loss, require a thorough test so if you are interested in this procedure it is important that a physical examination is performed so the benefits and risks of surgery can be analyzed as it requires the knowledge of the set of techniques and procedures to be performed.

 This kind of surgery is divided into two types, upper body lift that is aimed to correct chest, arms and chest; and lower body lift applied in the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.


During the first days, the patient should walk partially inclined to get straighten without feeling any discomfort; can return to their normal life without straining or sudden movements in the period of one week. In four weeks you can return without any problems to normal life.



Patients who have taken a post- bariatric surgery will show a great improvement in their body contour and an increase in confidence.

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