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The face is the mirror of the soul. One of my passions as a plastic surgeon and artist is the face. All of us, since birth are attracted or not to a person by what we see on their face. There are studies which show that children of even months are more attracted to one or the other for their face.

All emotions; happiness, sadness, anger, etc., are reflected in the face. Regardless of the age, the first thing we first see in the mirror is our face.

While we're young we don’t notice many features, which as we advance in age become more noticeable.

The facial rejuvenation, or as it is also called; rhytidectomy, rhydoplasty, face lifting, or lifting, has as its objective to restore a fresh appearance and, above all, increase the quality of life of those who have the privilege of entering into an advanced age.

The lifting is a process, which according to the characteristics of each patient can be performed from the age of 45.

In the first appointment, we usually perform the medical history and together, in front of the mirror we proceed to see which details are the ones which interest the most.

There are patients who are only bothered by their eyelids, others however, by their forehead or cheeks. Often the chin and neck area are the main reason.

As an expert I always advise my patients to seek natural results, the aesthetic criteria do not allow one to exceed any treatment because beauty is harmony and really any touch in excess would only attract attention of an "operated person." The result is more enjoyable when a subtle change is perceived.

The rhytidectomy surgery lasts two hours. The forehead, cheeks, double chin and neck are touched. Many times the eyelids are also treated to optimize the result. Occasionally Aesthetic injectable filler (btx), hyaluronic acid to define the lips, or lipoinyección to treat the nasolabial folds are applied.

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