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Rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery is a procedure used to correct some aesthetic nasal deformities such as fallen or bulbous nasal tip, broad back, lateralization, among others. Nowadays the concept of nasal surgery is maintaining the form with preservation of function, since no use a thin nose where the patient can not breathe properly.

Where are located the nasal scars?
The location of the scars will vary depending on the type of surgery to be performed, if endorrinoplastia (internal scars only) or exorrinoplastias (where a small incision is made ​​in the columella). The scars tend to be very discrete. In special cases, when the nasal wings are very open, there are two small scars in the furrows between the wings and the face, which, over the weeks, become almost imperceptible.

What type of anesthesia indicated?

Type of anesthesia can be local with sedation or general, depending on a consensus among the staff and the patient.

How will my breath after surgery?

The patient will present some difficulty breathing in the first weeks. This is due to swelling inside the nose. With the passage of time tends to normalize. Respiratory problems are usually associated with the septum, which in many cases can be corrected during surgery.

How soon will have the final surgical result?

Rhinoplasty submit final result about 1 year after surgery. Before this period the patient may present edema (swelling) transients that tend to diminish with the passing months.

How long does the surgery?

Generally 1 to 2 hours.

What is the length of hospitalization?

hospitalization period generally ranges from 12-24 hours, depending on the type of anesthesia.

Dressings are used?

Yes, after the surgery, the nose is buffered and kept immobilized with plaster that remains for 7 days. The cap is normally removed after 24 hours. After removal of the plaster, a bandage micropore is left for another 7 days.

Bleeding may occur postoperatively?

A little bleeding may occur through the gauze packing, which is normal in the first 48 hours. This, however, should not be of concern, because a protective bandage superimposed opening the nose is kept to trim this bleeding. This additional dressing can be changed at home as many times as necessary.

There is pain in the postoperative period?

Usually not. Cosmetic surgery of the nose presents painless postoperatively. When any pain occurs, it is easily countered with painkillers, which will be prescribed.

There are risks in this operation?

No surgical procedure is without risk, but rarely has a rhinoplasty cause serious complications. We always try to prepare properly for each patient for the surgical procedure, thus reducing the risks of the procedure.

What position should I sleep in the early days?

Always with the head slightly elevated (pillow). Keep up with the face up (never laterally).

When can sun?

After the disappearance of bruising (bruises) that may possibly occur.

What postoperative evolution?

Edema (swelling), "headline" Purple, difficulty breathing in the early days, are common to all patients; course, some exhibit these symptoms with less intensity than others. Give time, your body will take care of resolving all the little problems. Remember that any outcome of cosmetic surgery of the nose should be evaluated before the 6th month postoperatively.


- Communicate with us before surgery in case of flu, cold, runny nose or any other symptoms that affect the mouth, nose, or throat; 
- Intern at the hospital indicated, fasting for 8 hours including water; 
- Avoid alcoholic beverages or too heavy meals the day before surgery 


- Special Care with plaster: not traumatize the bandage, avoid moisture or the temptation to "pull it to see it s nose"; 
- Obey the prescription (prescription); 
- Do not worry about clogged nostrils; 
- Do not wear glasses unless authorized; 
- Avoid sun until all bruising has disappeared; 
- Do not bother with the intermediate forms in different phases (the nose is swollen); 
- Ask us any questions. Avoid being sensitive by the opinions of friends at this early stage.

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