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A nose job procedure, commonly known as rhinoplasty, improves aesthetic and functional imperfections with a patient’s nose. The operation can dramatically enhance a patient’s facial

 To preserve crucial anatomical elements and deliver an authentic appearance, he evaluates each patient’s needs on a case by case basis. Understanding limitations are essential for maintaining regular body functions, including breathing. Scars are virtually unnoticeable. Tiny, hidden incisions are made inside the nose. Sometimes two small scars are created when the nostrils are reconstructed.

These will disappear over time. Occasionally there is scarring underneath the nose, which is hardly visible.

 To name a few possibilities, this procedure can straighten, reshape the tip, and change the size and angle of a patient’s nose. Whatever you decide, the results will be natural and long-lasting.

A nose job can fix chronic respiratory problems. Issues with breathing are usually caused by the septum. If necessary, this is corrected during the procedure. It is rare for patients to require additional special treatment after receiving a nose job. However, if further problems do occur, an otolaryngologist is recommended. It is important to stress that with Dr. Alexandre Charão’s attention to detail, respiratory functions are usually improved after the procedure. In some cases, chronic coryza is fixed with a nose job.

As you are researching nose jobs, it is important for you to define your expectations. During your initial consultation, you can discuss various options which will work for your goals and current situation. 

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