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Nose Reshaping

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Is surgery only used to change the shape?
NO, the external shape of the nose and its function (the passage of breath), can be improved in the same proceeding if you have a problem in this matter (deviated septum).

Is it always placed a splint or a bandage with tape over the nose?

It depends on the type of surgery to be performed. In case the back has to be worked, it is very likely to place a splint (plaster) or bandage with tape, which is mainly used to maintain the nose new shape and to reduce its edema as soon as possible.

Would it remain a visible scar?

NO, in 95% of cases, we perform the procedure by closed via (i.e. inside the nostrils). In other cases a small incision in the columella is made, for the augmentation implant placement and wings narrowing.

Is there an age limit for surgery?

No, it all depends on how you feel, but a person between 17 and 45 years old can opt for this procedure.

Will I breathe normally after surgery?

Yes, your breathing should be normal after 4 to 5 days of being withdrawn the blockage.

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