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Trust your face to a facial plastic surgeon

Devoting her practice exclusively to the face, Dr. Lee is able to focus on the intricacies and complexities that make each face and each individual’s needs unique. Committed to achieving natural looking results using the latest techniques and proven methods, Dr. Lee provides personalized consultation to help you tailor a customized treatment plan which will best address your concerns.

In the inevitable natural aging process, the facial soft tissues make a gradual descent frequently with associated loss of volume, resulting in increased facial wrinkles and sagging skin, particularly along the jawline and upper neck. The goal of a facelift is to reduce the signs of aging by removing the excess loose skin and tightening the underlying facial muscles, resulting in a natural appearing rejuvenated face. Although the term “facelift” implies the entire face, the surgery targets the lower two-thirds of the face - rejuvenating the cheeks, jowls, and upper neck. A blepharoplasty and or browlift may be recommended to complete rejuvenation of the upper face. If the signs of aging involve the texture or quality of the skin, then additional procedures, such as a chemical peel and or laser resurfacing may be performed to complement the final result. Furthermore, if there has been a significant loss of facial volume which may result in a more hollowed, tired, and or aged appearance, then volume restoration by means of fat grafting may also be performed in conjunction with the other surgical procedures.

This surgery is customized and tailored according to the problem areas of the patient. It is frequently performed as an outpatient at a nearby ambulatory surgical center. The incisions are carefully hidden along the hairline and around the ear such that hair grows through the scars and are not visible. Most patients may experience mild to moderate bruising and swelling during the first several days. A dressing is left in place for 3-5 days. All sutures are typically removed after 7-10 days. Healing continues to improve over the next several weeks, and the final result is a more youthful naturally appearing, well-rested face.

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