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Nasal aesthetic defects, either genetic ones or those from external causes, have been for decades one of the main source of complexes and insecurities for a large part of the population. Nowadays, thanks to the aesthetic medicine progresses, a solution exists which is safe, effective and at a fair price.

RINOSCULPTURE is the aesthetic medical technique, which modifies the nose without surgery.

In the RINOSCULPTURE treatment we use hyaluronic or calcium hydroxilapatite, which are biocompatible, reversible and safe components that are present through all our body. They do not produce allergic reactions.
These materials generate a tautness effect as well as providing volume to the angles and zones willing to be modified.

The technique consists throughout two entry points with micro-cannulas of cutting edge technology. In doing so, the apparition of hematomas is reduced and we secure a very precise deposit of material in the diagnosed zone. Infiltrated local anesthesia is applied to relieve the pain, which portrays this treatment as a totally secure and effective one.
The objective is to improve the defects through modifying the nasal angles: frontal-nasal and lip-nasal angles as well as rectifying the rear part of the nose. Despite the nose being the central zone of the procedure, this technique also allows the correction of the chin and other zones in the face contour achieving a global face improvement.

It lasts approximately 30 minutes.

A visible effect is achieved immediately after the treatment.

To give symmetry back to the nose.
To fill defects caused by post-traumatisms or post- surgical stigmas.
To soften or change nasal angles.
To soften or change the nose tip.
To modify, as much as possible, the nasal appendix dorsal hump and to rise the nose tip some degrees with aesthetic reasons in order to make the nose contour prettier.

Rinosculpture is not recommended in the case of:

Patients with tendency to develop hypertrophic scar (keloid).
Existing active infectious process on the zone to be treated.
Patients with previous treatments of permanent products on the zone to be treated.
Pregnant and breastfeeding women.

RINOSCULPTURE is performed in 2 sessions:
1st session: the treatment is applied, after an initial report and the apt diagnosis.
2nd session: treatment revision after 15 days of the application.
Yearly periodic revisions are recommended as well as repeating the treatment every 18-24 months.

After the treatment the patient should abide by the following recommendations in order to achieve better results:

Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medication, which can alter coagulation in the previous 3 days to the infiltration.
Do not wear glasses in the 24 hours following each session.
Do not go to sleep in the 5 hours following the treatment.
Avoid heat sources such as saunas or thermal waters.
Avoid sun and UV exposure at least in the 72 hours following the infiltration.
Do not apply make-up at least in the 2 hours after the treatment.
Do not rub intensely the infiltrated zone at least within the 72 hours following the treatment.
Avoid high-performance sport within the 24 hours after the treatment.

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