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The rhytidectomy is an aesthetic surgery that is done to improve the sagging of the cheeks and neck that has been produced by age or weight change, it is a surgical intervention that does not stop the aging process but improves the most affected areas.

 Rhytidectomy is the removal of excess body fat and the reaffirmation of the internal muscles that make you look younger. Normally, it is a process that takes several hours since, the surgeon must separate the skin from the fat and muscle and can be combined with a liposuction of the chin and around the neck.

Types of Rhytidectomy

Before making the decision to undergo this cosmetic surgery it is necessary to consult with the surgeon the types of facelift and the one indicated for the patient, it is important to take into account the areas that will be corrected and the expectations that are available after the surgery. Rhytidectomy The following are the types of rhytidectomy:

  • Facelift of upper third.
  • Facelift of the middle third.
  • Facelift of the lower third (standard).
Facelift for Men

It is a very effective way to minimize the unwanted effects generated by the passage of years, stress and daily exposure to the sun. The results obtained from the facial surgery of men are similar to those of women, however, it is recommended for male patients eager to control the problem, talk to the surgeon specialist in facial surgery of men. A facelift for men is similar to that of women, this procedure involves the determined use of certain techniques to have optimal results.

 The difference is established in the type of incisions since men find it more difficult to hide the scars, use short hair and this allows less flexibility regarding the location of the incisions. A facial surgery for men should not be a problem because of the scars, many surgeons make incisions in inconspicuous places like the natural crease where the ear and face meet, around the lobe or in the lower area of ​​the scalp.

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