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Sinus Surgery

$1,680.00 USD

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Remember only seek the surgical advice and procedure should only be performed by an appropriately trained oral surgeon,Maxillofacial surgeon or Periodontist. This is a “Technique Sensitive” procedure and we here at Dentaris are fully Capable and qualified to carry out such procedures.

What is a Sinus lift?

A Sinus Elevation/Lift procedure is performed on a patient when there is not sufficient bone height in the upper jaw, or if the Sinuses (Is an air space in the head) are showing to be too close to the jaw and prevent the doctors from being able to place Implants in the area- Particularly in the back teeth and molars. There are two techniques but both have the same aim which is to create bone in that space and is completed by gently pushing the sinus membrane up and placing bone graft in the space. The healing time required for the bone graft to take and be viable for Implants to be placed is usually 6 months later., This is a very sensitive area and takes great skill and highly knowledgeable specialists, Dentaris offers this specialist treatment procedure with complete confidence.

This diagram shows that over time when a tooth is absent the bone height reduces and the Sinus cavity or space falls down closer to the mouth, this is why Sinus elevations are needed


5+ DAYS But prior to any surgery the doctor will check the imaging put together a detailed treatment plan and outline any necessary medical precautions and instructions.

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