Snap On Dentures 2 Dental Implants

Cancun, Quintana Roo, MX

$3,250.00 USD

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Snap-On Smile

$3,250.00 USD

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This technique keeps your new or current denture from ever slipping or falling out while you enjoy your regular food or even talking!

This type of implant stops bone loss that occurs when wearing regular denturesSnap-on dentures are available with a palate.

This has minimal stability and retention, meaning, the Deture itself will be locked but not very secure. For a more comfortable feeling, better retention and best stability of your denture, and to enjoy better your food, drinks and even talking, use the Snap On Dentures with 4 or more Dental Implants.

Palate-less snap-on dentures use four or more implants to keep the dentures secure and stable so that the wearer avoids embarrassing slipping of the dentures.


This Snap On Denture Option includes:

  • Palate
  • 2 Ball Abutments.
  • 2 Housing O-Rings.
  • 1 Denture

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Dr. Rafael Orozco Egremy, DDS.

Dr. Rafael Orozco Egremy, DDS.

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