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Snap-On Smile

$2,999.00 USD

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We will obtain good denture retention, with good stability and they are removable. You can take them on and off as you please. The Snap In Dentures provides the grip and the stability you need for a strong bite.

The Snap On Dentures is a palateless denture that comes with encrusted rubber housings.

Those housings or O-rings, will sit and snap over the head of the mini dental implants (that come shaped as an o-ball) Those mini implants are set previously into your jawbone or maxilla. The common is to set from 6 to 8 mini dental implants per arch.

The Snap On Dentures is a removable denture that snaps on and off as many times needed. The snap happens when you press them with your fingers against the head of the mini implants. It is a removable solution that brings stability and a strong bite.

People that wear traditional dentures cannot wait to ditch them!

About 30 million people in the United States wear regular or common dentures.

Maybe you are one of those denture users that are "doing just fine thank you" with their ill-fitted denture.

It is possible that over time you adapted those 20-plus-year-old dentures but feel quietly unhappy. Maybe you decided to wear your dentures only for the occasional "night on the town".



  • This includes Local Anesthesia
  • This includes all Medical and Clinic Taxes.
  • This includes provisional Dentures.
  • This includes 2 dental implants (lower jaw).
Additional Dental Implants WITHOUT A PALATE:
  • 4 Dental Implants $5,000 USD (upper jaw).
  • 6 Dental Implants $7,000 USD (upper jaw).

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