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Being overweight, genetics and aging are the cause of the double chin appearing in men and women.

Double chin is the accumulation of fat that is located under the chin and jaw and can be in different sizes. A double chin makes a person look much thicker and it makes him or her look disproportionate when viewed in profile or from the front.

There are no exercises to eliminate a double chin, but there are a series of facial exercises or massages to tone those muscles so they are not so flaccid, but only as a solution to slightly improve the appearance of this imperfection.


Patients without sagging skin can perform the procedure without any problem. If you have sagging sking or are advanced in age, a facelift is necessary.


Millimetric incision below the chin.

Type of anesthesia: Local with sedation

Duration: 1 hour.

Time in hospital: 8 to 10 hours.

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