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With the abdominoplasty you will have a flat abdomen

The esthetic modification of the abdomen area requires that it be evaluated by experts, so that it is responsible for choosing the appropriate technique to be used for abdominoplasty ; Which consists of removing excess abdominal fat.

This is done by an incision in the anterior part horizontally to the pubic area, where another incision will be made that goes from one iliac crest to the other.

In order to be able to eliminate the cutaneous flap of the patient, it will be placed semi-seated, in order to be able to pull the skin and to dry out everything that exceeds the pubic area. The procedure is required to be performed under general sedation and not under local anesthesia.

The patients who ask to perform a tummy tuck , are those in which the abdominal silhouette is deformed by excess fat and where sagging, especially in those who have lost weight drastically, and in women who have had Multiple pregnancies

In the case of overweight patients, this technique is indicated as part of the treatment of abdominal bariatric and derivative surgery.

The goals of performing a tummy tuck

1.- Define the anatomy of the abdominal wall.

2.- Define the procedure to be performed according to the condition of the abdominal wall.

Technique for performing a tummy tuck

This surgery is performed under 5 main steps:

1.- A dermolipectomy is performed; Which consists of removing excess fat from the abdominal wall.

2.- The abdominal anatomy is reconstructed, using sutures, since in the case of women who have had several pregnancies, this area loses its shape, causing the abdomen to become distended.

3.- The skin is closed

4.- The navel is replaced in its place, by a procedure that is called neoumbilicoplasty

5.- If necessary, a liposuction is performed to mold the contour of the patient's hips and abdomen.

Contraindications of a tummy tuck

In a way, a person with obesity has some degree of contraindication, so it is recommended that before submitting the patient to surgery, the subject undergoes a weight loss plan. All this under the supervision of a nutritionist, who is the right person to know the proper nutritional plan for each user.

Other people who should not undergo this procedure are those who have had episodes of thromboembolism, cardiopulmonary disease, uncontrolled diabetes and chronic respiratory disease. All of these stories present a contraindication to abdominoplasty .

The final recommendations of the surgery are to rest during the entire postoperative period and to use a girdle that puts pressure on the area of ​​the abdomen.

The scar that remains will fade over time, and you will gradually see how it will be imperceptible. As you will have seen, this is a surgery that does not require more complication and that statistically speaking, it develops in 3 hours under general anesthesia, hospitalization average of 1 to 2 days and with a recovery of 15 days.

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