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The vertical sleeve gastrectomy, also called a “sleeve” or “gastric sleeve,” is a hybrid operation. 80 percent of the stomach is completely resected and removed from the body. The resection is done along the long axis of the stomach so that the new stomach looks like a banana or a hockey-stick. The new stomach is very stiff, tubular and narrow stomach, and does not let you eat very much food. The portion of the stomach that is removed is the most elastic.

With sleeve gastrectomy surgery, the weight loss results are very similar to bypass surgery for the first year or so. The procedure is usually covered by insurance.

Why the vertical sleeve gastrectomy helps people lose weight

The vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a metabolic surgery. By removing part of the stomach, we dramatically alter the neuro-hormonal pathways that control the sensation of hunger and the way our body manages the calories that we put in.

There is a hormone called ghrelin that is made primarily in the part of the stomach that we remove. It is the primary driver in the hunger pathway, and with the dramatic drops in ghrelin levels seen after the gastric sleeve surgery, we see a commensurate decrease in hunger! We also see up-regulation of a hormone called GLP1, which is involved with our body's control of glucose. In fact, many of the newer diabetes treatment medications are designed to up-regulate GLP1. The sleeve surgery does this without medication and in this way, it can cause remission of diabetes and metabolic disease quite rapidly.

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