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More and more patients have changed their lives for the better with dramatic weight loss by diet, exercise and/or bariatric surgery. Unfortunately excess skin and laxity may persist following the weight loss. The extent of the skin laxity that exists depends on the amount of weight lost, the rapidity of the weight loss, the patient’s age and genetics.

In Monterrey Mexico, cosmetic surgery after weight loss can put the finishing touch on your new look.

Major weight loss is a significant accomplishment, whether by dieting alone or after bariatric surgery. You are healthier, happier, and probably more active. But many of our, Monterrey Mexico, plastic surgery patients feel uncomfortable with areas of excess skin after weight loss, and seek help at our practice.

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

The main difference between cosmetic surgery after major weight loss and other cosmetic procedures is the need to assess the entire body not just one targeted area.

Excess skin and laxity can be problematic in all areas of the body. The face, neck, breasts, abdomen, back, arms and thighs may all be areas of dissatisfaction. At Monterrey Plastic Surgery we offer a comprehensive approach to the weight loss patient.

There is a wide variety of available plastic surgery procedures for weight loss patients. Often times patients will need more than one procedure to achieve optimum results. Typically these procedures are performed under general anesthesia and may last anywhere from three to five hours depending on the complexity of the procedures selected.

During your initial assessment and consultation, Dr. Josue Lara Ontiveros, M.D. will help determine not only which procedures are best suited for you, but also the ideal sequence of the procedures.

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