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Women’s health needs can change considerably over a lifetime due to hormonal changes that take place during puberty, pregnancy, and the menopause. Services by our Manhattan primary care doctors and internists in NYC are adjusted to accommodate all life stages based on your age, your health history and your family medical history, and other risk factors.

The purpose of these services is to help encourage a healthy lifestyle, and to help you avoid problems in the future. Recommended tests include breast cancer screening and an annual gynecological exam. Other services may include hormone replacement therapy for women.

Breast Cancer Screening

Breast cancer is unfortunately common, and the tests recommended are dependent on your age, your family history, and if you have received any previous diagnoses of breast cancer that could increase your risk.

Screening aims to detect signs of breast cancer even when there are no symptoms as our goal is to catch any signs of cancer as soon as possible.

Regular screening can reduce the risk of death from this disease, as early-stage breast cancers are much easier to treat than more advanced cancers, and the survival rates are much higher.

Breast cancer screening is usually done using mammography or breast x-ray. That said, mammograms aren’t perfect, and they can miss some signs of cancer or can detect signs that aren’t cancer (a false positive result). They may also find cancers that are very low risk, and which wouldn’t have caused any health problems if they weren’t found or treated.

What Is the Best Age to Start Having Mammograms?

Everybody is different, and there isn’t a universal age at which you are recommended to have your first breast cancer screening. Usually, breast cancer screenings are less useful in younger women because the breast tissue is denser, so it is harder to detect any potential cancers. However, some women have a higher risk of breast cancer and especially those with close family members with this disease.

These women should begin screening earlier than others, and screening may include other tests besides mammograms.

Generally, the American Cancer Society recommends women aged 40 to 44 are given the option to begin annual screening and that women aged 45 to 54 years should have annual screenings. Women aged 55 and older should receive screenings every two years but should be given the option for screening annually. Visit our NYC primary care clinic and meet Dr. Fathollahi. She is among the top practitioners and best Manhattan doctors.

A mammogram only takes a few moments to complete, and although it may be momentarily uncomfortable as the breast tissue is squeezed between two plates, it shouldn’t feel painful. Monthly self-checks are also useful in detecting any changes to the breast tissue that could occur in between screenings.

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